What they say about our lodge

ReviewWell appointed campsite with nice views

Lake Chala Safari camp also has a campsite for travellers. There are tents on hire but we had our own. Campsite 1 and 2 have nice, shady acacia's to pitch your tent under. There is a well stocked bar and the staff are friendly and helpful. One can tell that a lot of effort has gone into the place, knowing how much work it is to get things done in Tz. One of the staff is actually a bird guide and can help you id birds. You can order from the kitchen or ask them to light a fire for you and cook over a covered cooking area. The bathrooms are functional and clean too. I would go back here for the easy going vibe, the views and the campsite facilities. Well done Lake Chala Safari Camp team! [...]

Oct 12, 2012

ReviewWend & Rebecca

"went camping for two days at Lake Chala Moshi Tanzania and had such a great time. We went looking for elephant yesterday and found them...suddenly! How can nearly 70 elephant be so hard to see until you walk right up to the tree they are cooling off under? Fortunately they were not bothered by us and we kept quiet, backed away after having a good look at the. As we are walking back to our camp Rebecca realized the elephants were following us! ooops we have to cross a dry river bed and their watering hole to get back to camp or walk about 3 miles around. We got their first, climbed up a small escarpment, found a comfy seat and watched as all of them came to have a drink and mud bath.

Then to top it off we went to bed listening to the trumpet and then low grumble, almost a purr that they make when talking to each other. what a great sound to fall asleep to.

Thank you God for answering ALL of our requests this weekend in such marvelous fashion!" [...]

Aug 16, 2012

ReviewLonely Planet guide

"An amazing weekend at Lake Chala. Lake Chala is a crater lake on the border of Tanzania and Kenya which is hardly touched by travellers. It is absolutely stunning and supposedly the deepest crater lake in Africa but it doesn't even make the East Africa Lonely Planet guide." [...]

Apr 30, 2012

ReviewPeter Hughes

I really loved the place - and all the people here, I had a great time - thank you all. Next time I come to TZ - this is for sure one of the places I have to come back to. [...]

Apr 19, 2012 Denmark

ReviewFranziska Mißler

I had another great weekend at lake chala! Thank you! [...]

Mar 24, 2012

ReviewTim Leach

"Just spent one night camping at Lake Chala. Wonderful location with very well built facilities that are clean and tidy. Friendly service and staff. Value for money is very good. The walk down to the lake is spectacular. Easy and smooth road. Highly recommended." [...]

Mar 16, 2012

ReviewGianluigi and Cristiana

"If you like to feel at home, at ease and surrounded by helpful and gentle people then this is the place to stay. We particularly enjoyed 'Mr. Big Smiles' attitude but also of all the other employees. Mother nature makes this place a wonderful spot. We loved the quietness of this place, the silence and the service offered. We hope it won't change, and won't ever exploit this land and it's peoples. Baboons were excellent company! Thanks! " [...]

Jan 24, 2012